ULMA Conveyor Components’ GAZIMO project obtains the Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council (EIC)


ULMA Conveyor Components presented its GAZIMO project in the European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon 2020 program and thanks to this innovative project the EIC awarded the “Seal of Excellence”.

With this achievement the CEI puts ULMA in contact with the biggest European Corporations, possible new investors and helps with patents, coaches, etc. opening great possibilities for the GAZIMO project to grow and be known at a European level.

The European Innovation Council also offered the SMEs and Start-ups that obtained the “Seal of Excellence” the possibility to present their innovation project to LAFARGEHOLCIM, a world leader in sustainable and innovative building materials and solutions.

84 SMEs and Start-ups presented their projects and LAFARGEHOLCIM chose the 14 most interesting and relevant innovation projects, among them our GAZIMO project.

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