We offer customized solutions designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your conveyor.

Work planning, method and procedures (including technical assistance)

ULMA Conveyor Components offers you INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS and we satisfy your demands, incorporating improvements and adjustments to achieve the optimum performance of your conveyors. We get involved in the operation of the mine to make it more productive and improve in a sustained way, providing the necessary experience and technical support.

We have a team of experts in the analysis of the performance of the conveyors and their components:

Coordination and management of offers and orders


We analyze the system in collaboration with mine personnel to assess the performance of the installed products, study failure modes and understand the customer's expectations.

Our process is made up of the following steps


We make regular visits to the mine to evaluate the system’s performance and identify critical points to make proposals for improvement.


Our engineering team performs structural calculations for the supports and rollers based on the working conditions present to analyze the suitability of the installed rollers. If necessary, they provide redesign proposals.


We provide training for mine personnel in the correct use and evaluation of the rollers supplied.

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