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ULMA solution to wet areas

The mining sector involved in coal, copper or iron ore mining often faces the challenge of operating in wet areas, where climatic and geological conditions make it difficult to access and extract resources. Moisture can cause problems such as soil erosion, landslides, mine flooding, equipment corrosion, increased energy consumption and deterioration of ore quality and quantity. To overcome these challenges ULMA Conveyor Components offers a solution such as those in our success story in copper mines in Chile.

This mine presents the challenge of avoiding the adherence of material on the surface of the roller, which produces a layer of crust or riprap that affects the operation of the conveyor belt. This layer hinders belt movement, causes belt misalignment, increases energy consumption and reduces the life of the roller.

To solve this problem, at ULMA Conveyor Components we have developed different types of PE coverings that have a special geometry so that the material does not adhere or stick immediately. This system has proven to be efficient and cost-effective, as it improves belt performance, reduces maintenance and energy consumption, and prolongs the life of the rollers.

It is a success story in wet mining, which can serve as an example for other operations facing the same problem.

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