Monitored Rollers at 2018 SME Minneapolis


The Bulk Handling Technology has suffered an important development in the recent years, allowing the use of conveyor belts in the most important and critical applications. As a consequence of this, the reliability and lasting performance of the conveyor belt components is becoming more and more significant, thus the implementation of preventive maintenance programs is a must.

The rollers are one of the consumables in the conveyor belts, which have to be changed once arrived to the end of life. The actual ways of detecting this moment always require intensive use of labour and they are not very accurate. Indeed, if the rollers get broken before replacement, the consequences could be very important, generating additional costs and operational losses. Needless to say that, for critical applications, this possibility is a nightmare for Maintenance Departments.

The R&D Department of ULMA Conveyor Components, has been working since early 2012 on the development of Monitored Rollers along with a Management Software to provide users the capacity of Managing and Monitoring the rollers from its desk, getting continuous online information on the technical parameters of the bearings, giving the user the general situation of the rollers as well as the location of the ones that should be replaced during next maintenance stop. In this way the maintenance crew could order the exact amount of rollers in advance and go directly to the damage rollers, saving time, stock of spare parts and avoiding unexpected issues. In short, a system of Preventive Maintenance for Conveyor Belt Rollers.

Ulma Conveyor Components is proud to announce the World Premiere Presentation of their Monitored Rollers Technology, the Maintenance Management Software as well as live online access to installations all over the world. The presentation will show the features of the systems, the applications and their main advantages. It is programmed on the 27th of February 2018 in Minneapolis, MN – USA, within the framework of the 2018 SME Annual Conference & Expo. You are welcome to attend the Presentation as well as to visit us at Booth # 2637.

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