Sustainability and the environment

Committed to protecting the environment

At ULMA Conveyor Components, we are committed to people and the planet. We integrate sustainability criteria into the management of the company because we are aware of the environmental consequences of our activities. We have taken on the responsibility of transmitting sustainability values, both personally and professionally.

We promote a culture of environmental responsibility and implement measures to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development, including the prevention of pollution and the reduction of natural resource consumption.

We follow the guidelines set out in our environmental policy.


Social Responsibility is part of our cooperative identity and values.

At ULMA, we collaborate with various organizations to contribute to the socioeconomic development of our communities. We are involved in social and assistance projects that ensure a full range of development opportunities for disadvantaged groups, supporting equality, education, sports, inclusion and culture.


he ULMA Foundation is a non-profit organization created within the ULMA Group in which the 9 Businesses of the Group participate. Its purpose is to promote cooperative development, education, research and welfare solidarity as a way to achieve the Social Transformation of the Society in which we live.


Economic success and social welfare go hand in hand in this socio-entrepreneurial project.

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