Difficult to access and difficult to handle environments

Lack of ergonomics

ULMA is at the forefront of innovation by developing Heavy Duty Lightweight rollers with alternative materials, offering the same performance as metal rollers, but with 50% less weight.

 An ergonomic solution designed to optimize maintenance and production while guaranteeing the strength and durability of the conveyor system.


Premium quality product range to optimize performance under normal conditions.

The Performance line offers a wide selection of rollers made with high-quality components under a rigorous manufacturing process.

In addition, the range includes a sealing system designed and patented by ULMA, which guarantees effective sealing and optimum protection for the bearings.


Wide range of idlers that ensure the excellent performance of our rollers.


Range of products developed to guarantee maximum durability in extreme conditions.

The Endurance line offers a wide selection of rollers developed with high-quality components and special materials and coatings. All this is to guarantee optimum performance in the most demanding cases.

The sealing package, developed and patented by ULMA, ensures effective sealing and optimum protection, guaranteeing performance and durability.


The ultra-light, durable and silent ULMA-LIGHTWEIGHT roller achieves the performance...

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