New project for the OCP by ULMA Conveyor Components


A Korean EPC companyg has awarded ULMA Conveyor Components two contracts to supply rollers and idlers for phosphate processing for the OCP in Morocco. The project will take place in the Maroc Phosphore facility in Jorf Las Far.

The end customer, OCP, with whom ULMA Conveyor Components already has a contract for spare roller parts, is the main global producer of phosphate. The OCP has embarked on an ambitious project to double its extraction capacity and to triple its processing capacity by the year 2020. For this it has approved a 115,000 Billion MAD (roughly 1 EUR Billion) investment plan.

The plan envisages the creation of three new mines in Khouribga and a fourth in Gantour. One of the keys lies in the new pipeline linking Khouribga with the treatment plant in Jorf Las Far. Up to now the phosphate was shipped by rail. This resource will reduce transport costs from 8 USD/Tm to 1 USD/Tm.

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