ULMA Conveyor Components. Homologation Vattenfall Germany


ULMA Conveyor Components has achieved the homologation in the Vattenfall mine of Germany.  The homologation process that started in 2010, finalized this year with the certification that has allowed us to participate in the tender for the replacement rollers 2015-19.

Vattenfall is one of the largest energy groups in Europe; it belongs to the Swedish government and operates in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, France, and the United Kingdom.  About 87% of the production from Vattenfall Germany originates from fossil fuels, mainly extracted from the lignite mines belonging to (Jänschwalde, Nochten and Welzow).

ULMA Conveyor Components has developed a new high-class roller specifically for this client complying with all the required starting, dynamic, acoustic, and offset forces (T.I.R and M.I.S.).

Obtaining the homologation of this new high-class roller by one of our most demanding clients is a very important accolade to our plans in Germany and will facilitate the entrance to the other German energy groups.

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